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SHELLS: The oldest shell drawing below (the epitonium scalaris) must be as old as 1970 .The busycon contrarium, too. It's because I always found shells more imaginative, consistent, creative (and more beautiful)  than most of us. The last 3 are from the Irian Jaya booklet.

busycon.jpg (54256 bytes) epitonium.jpg (29465 bytes) nautilus.jpg (119538 bytes) shell1.jpg (283639 bytes)
myshell.jpg (179820 bytes) lambis.jpg (74981 bytes) conus.jpg (167135 bytes) shell2.jpg (213269 bytes)
IJ4.jpg (131551 bytes)tridacna.jpg (179514 bytes)lambis2.jpg (133109 bytes)murex.jpg (131206 bytes)

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