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I have always been curious to see the number of visitors to this website  and I found the numbers on the right (2600 contacts in 2006). THEN I decided to make a few changes (see below) and the number went up to 6826 ! No changes....  : it went down. Obviously people don't like websites that don't move, so I promise to do it more regularly and to write the changes on this page. The big NEWS is that I managed to publish a new book in February 2011! Its title is DISEGNANDO ANIMALI AL MUSEO EGIZIO, which means Drawing Animals at the Egyptian Museum, and I hope to publish the English version soon...       Please check below for some images and on the ETCHINGS section for new additions....
Aug '11 Printed IMAGINE (see on FaceBook or Blurb.com)
Nov  '09 You can now find me on FaceBook !
Mar  '08 added a link to my YouTube video (see FISH folder)
Oct  '06 Introduced "What's New?" link & page
Aug '06  Created a new page with Watercolors
" is a book of drawings I made inside the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Imagining a young open-minded visitor's curiosity at seeing all those animals, on hieroglyphs or statues, carved or painted or written. I'm giving a first explanation of the meaning of each image and an introduction to hieroglyphs. 
The book (52 pages) is published by ANANKE and is available at the Museum Shop, or  with ISBN 978-88-7325-365-5

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