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Some oldies, but I will add new drawings/watercolours in the same sequence I produce them, hoping to see some improvement. Click on an image to enlarge it. Don't miss the VIDEO at the bottom of this page :-) 

bass.jpg (146756 bytes) batfish.jpg (166227 bytes) emperor.jpg (130935 bytes) butterfly.jpg (133730 bytes) coralcod.jpg (76968 bytes)
grouper.jpg (106140 bytes) inside.jpg (76002 bytes) moorish.jpg (162806 bytes) puffer.jpg (89044 bytes) redroman.jpg (137904 bytes)
spigola1.jpg (98845 bytes) scorfano.jpg (99218 bytes) tangs.jpg (144683 bytes) trumpet.jpg (43649 bytes) unicorn.jpg (135566 bytes)
triglia.jpg (97676 bytes) persico.jpg (133662 bytes) Fish03.jpg (158107 bytes)

job.jpg (151998 bytes)

Hindo-19.jpg (154191 bytes)

I have published a video on YouTube: to see it, pls click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CYgIxiBprs

copyright information: Please don't use any of these images without quoting my name
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