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In 1980, I put the first three letters SGJ on an envelope, directed to Sally. Then, during the same year, I completed the whole "animalphabet" for the enjoyment of Simon and Neil. Afterwards, I used (and I will use) different themes in order to make new ones, like the "Fishabet" started with the 1980 Xmas Card... The last picture, the "animalpuzzle", is one that children love if you cut it into pieces: I made a wooden puzzle out of it.
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My second Christmas Card in 1982 was very much about "my family and other animals"... then I used the same idea in 2005, when I started selling my booklet "Irian Jaya" and writing dedications: people liked their names in fish form. You find them here (from A to Z): if you DON'T find your own name, send me an email and I'll do one for you (it's free)!

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